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Nuna Baby Wet Wipes 100 Pieces - Unscent


Nuna Baby Wet Wipes 100 Pieces - Unscent

Baby wet wipes NUNA - Safe wet wipes for babies

Nuna baby wet wipes are made of soft non-woven fabric combined with aloe extract to help cool, moisturize, and not cause the skin to be greasy.

Using pure R.O water, no alcohol, no Parabens, Nuna Baby Wet Wipes are safe products even for sensitive skin.

Ingredients:  Non-woven fabric, RO purified water, Aloe vera solution, an antibacterial agent.

Specification:  150*200 mm/piece, 100 pieces/bag, 24 bags/carton

Production date: See on packaging

Expiry date: 3 years from the date of manufacture





Outstanding Features

NUNA Baby Wet Wipes - Safe products for baby's sensitive skin.

Products made from pure RO water.
Aloe vera is cool, mild, moisturizing for babies, safe for baby's sensitive skin.
Rayon fabric is soft and smooth, wipes without burning baby's skin, Rayon fabric absorbs and cleans stains
Products without alcohol, without parabens, without harmful substances: Fluorescent, Phenoxyethanol, MethylisothiaZolinoe(MIT).
Products are manufactured in a cleanroom environment, with automatic machinery.
The product's unscented.

Nuna Baby Wet Wipes 100 Pieces - Unscent


  • How do cheap wet wipes affect the health of mothers and babies?

      Using cheap, counterfeit, and poor-quality wet wipes can lead to diseases such as dermatitis, allergies, hives, or skin infections.

      Besides, using wet wipes containing parabens for a long time will be very harmful to the body, even causing infertility and breast cancer.

      To be a smart consumer, don't buy wet wipes that are on-street at, a cheap price but should go to big stores or supermarkets.

      When choosing wet wipes, you should observe the packaging, the quality of the ink on the package, and the price of the product.

      Do not choose low-quality wet wipes because of the lower price. Because this is very dangerous for health.

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  • Is using wet wipes harmful to baby's skin?

      There has never been sufficiently large and reliable research to confirm that using baby wipes is harmful to a baby's skin.

      In case the baby's skin is irritated when using wet wipes, it is mostly due to poor quality products, unhygienic, toxic substances. Newborn babies have delicate and extremely sensitive skin, are very easily irritated, and are allergic to foreign ingredients that affect their skin. In particular, the ingredients that cause irritation to the baby's skin are chemicals Paraben, fluorescent, Phenoxyethanol, MethylisothiaZolinoe (MIT).

      Mothers need to check the origin and ingredients of the product carefully before using it for their baby. Avoid buying cheap products, floating, without labels, lacking product information.

      Currently, NUNA baby wet wipes are produced on a closed line in a sterile room, made from natural ingredients that are safe for baby's skin:  Pure RO water essence, cooling and cooling aloe vera essence. Harmonizing and moisturizing baby's skin, Rayon fabric is soft and smooth to help nurture the baby's delicate skin.

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  • Distinguishing the good wet wipes and cheap wet wipes with many potential risks to health?

      1. About the price

      Price for 1 pack of wet wipes from 80 pieces or more genuine at supermarkets from  35,000- 50,000. Can be lower if there is a big promotion: 25,000

      The price of 1 pack of wet wipes from 80 pieces or more is cheap, poor quality, from 10,000 - 20,000 VND

      Hiểm họa khôn lường từ khăn ướt giá rẻ bán tràn lan vỉa hè

      2. About the packaging

      Original goods are printed with sharp ink, the packaging describes in detail ingredients, uses, production date, expiry date, company name, with clear barcode, QR code sent to the company's Websie 

      Cheap goods lack manufacturer information, general description of ingredients, lack of detail Website and company information.

      3. About the scent

      Genuine product, no scent, or scent with the pleasant floral scent

      Cheap goods have a chemical smell, unpleasant.

      4. About finished products and production

      Genuine wet wipes made from pure water, produced in a sterile room with automated machinery, ensuring hygiene.

      Cheap goods produced with unsanitary bacteria in tap water, in a low-humidity environment.

      Sự thật bất ngờ về những chiếc khăn ướt giá rẻ

  • Immediately look up 4 INGREDIENTS on the following wet wipes package, to choose a good wet wipe for your baby.

      4 harmful ingredients commonly found in wet wipes include Paraben, Fluorescent, Phenoxyethanol, MethylisothiaZolinoe (MIT).

      Many studies have shown that Parabens (usual manufacturers will combine many parabens such as methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben) and Methylisothiazolinone can cause users to have skin inflammation and affect the endocrine system. On July 28, 2015, the Drug Administration of Vietnam issued Official Letter No. 13884/QLD-MP and Decision No. 421/QD-QLD, prohibiting the use of 5 Paraben and Methylisothiazolinone derivatives (MIT). Accordingly, when buying wet wipes for children, parents should carefully read the ingredients and should not choose products containing these substances.

      Phenoxyethanol is a substance that has the ability to kill bacteria, fungi, and yeast, keeping the product from being contaminated, helping to prolong its life of the product. Especially for children, the concentration of the preservative Phenoxyethanol in skincare products must be less than 1%.

      Fluorescence is commonly found in wet wipes for the purpose of bleaching. If we are regularly exposed to this substance for a long time, it will lead to leukemia or cancer.

      But because a baby's skin is very delicate and sensitive, mothers should avoid as much as possible when buying products based on:  Paraben, Fluorescent, Phenoxyethanol, MethylisothiaZolinoe(MIT). Or you can carefully check carefully of these chemicals before deciding to buy.