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NUNA wet wipes – safe for babies

Closed production process, input materials are carefully screened and selected, non-toxic, non-allergenic. NUNA products meet the standard of "High Quality Vietnamese Goods".

Meets The Most Harsh Standards

NUNA - According to the "5-NO" standard: "no parabens, no fluorescent agents, no phenoxy ethanol, no methylisothiazolinone, no alcohol" produced in a sterile room

"Love your babies, like our babies."

"We have to create good quality products that are absolutely safe for users, especially babies."

"Strive to make the best products as if this were the product you yourself wanted for your own children."

"We can sacrifice a part of the profits, but we can't let any customer use a product of poor quality that has harmful ingredients affecting their health."

NUNA has been on a journey to continue to fulfill its promise to customers: "LOVE YOUR BABIES, LIKE OUR BABIES!"